Saturday, November 21, 2009


Look into your mirror
And tell me what you see
Is it really you?
Or someone you cannot be

Don’t look at someone else’s mirror
And tell them who they should be
Looking in their mirror
Will not change what your mirror sees

When you look into your mirror
Are you sure you see yourself?
As you gaze into your eyes
Are you sure your eyes aren’t reflecting someone else?

It’s not the mirror’s fault,
That it reflects someone else
How do you expect a mirror to reflect you
If you don’t know who you are yourself ~Mehreen Mujeeb

Friday, November 6, 2009

A? for effort???

a night of tossing and turning and at 4 up. Sleepy and hungry I went in to exercise and did a few minutes of weights (arms) and then went to the treadmill for 1/4 mile. Feel like I needed to do more and want to go back and try being tired a good enough excuse to not exercise....I used to think so...but now I know that I will be tired no matter what and the pain (dang ankle) will be there and there will always be an excuse not to exercise....I am looking for excuses to FOLLOW THROUGH and keep moving and stop giving in to the little voices in my head they say it is ok to give into all of them. I am thinking about what goals I want to accomplish next summer and they all revolve around being able to hike and ride bikes and walk and I have to work through these pains and tired moments because when "race day" comes I might have to push through tired or pains....I am learning that all these feelings are a good thing...God gave them all to us. No one wants to feel discomfort so we all do what we can to avoid it....but when we ache after a hard work-out that is are muscles telling us we used our body and it is building strength in us. Tired is a hard one for me to work through, because my body just wants to idle and not move....I am working through it....and I am going (right now) to get back on that treadmill and make it happen!