Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You can be having a great day and then all of a sudden....POW

It's amazing what sparks the unraveling of negative emotions.  It can be a song, a smell or a chain of words....almost poetic indeed.

It is ironic in a way how you can have 100 people patting you on the back, telling you how wonderful you are and how proud of they are....but that ONE person can make everything disappear and you are left with your hands empty and your heart aching for that LOVE you thought was real. 

The reality is...some people are just afraid of REAL LOVE....they can not handle anyone really loving them for who they are. They assume other people are as shallow in their love giving, and that there are strings attached to everything, so they push REAL LOVE away and hug closer to the meaningless objects and relationships...when all along there were those of us who loved them honestly and purely for who they were, not for what they gave or what we thought we could change them into.  We saw into their soul and knew there was a gem under all the debris of disappointments and pain. We loved them enough and were willing to unearth that gem not because we sought after a prize but because we have been that person too, pushing away a real honest love, and when we laid down our armor we thought was protecting us from the world, we opened our arms and accepted the love that was being offered.  People can only love us the way we know how....asking anything more is asking to much from some people.  Isn't that what we all desire...is to be loved unconditionally JUST AS WE ARE <3 nbsp="" p="">

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